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Does your lovely dog deserve a fortune cookie treat? Other pet owners are having fun reading fortunes while  
their dogs enjoy delicious fortune cookies! Our dog fortune cookies can bring excitement to your life, too!  
Regular Dog Fortune Cookies

Made with 100% USDA certified real chicken liver, flour, and eggs, your dogs will love this tasty treat.
Each cookie contains a special doggie fortune.
All fortunes are chosen from our award-winning dog fortune database. Below are three examples:
  • Confucius say: dogs who eat fortune cookies
    will likely become fortune tellers.
  • Thank God! My talent keeps me away from troubles.
  • Never eat your owner's leftovers, unless you
    want to gain some weight.
As the world's #1 Dog Fortune Cookie provider, we offer the highest quality of service and tastiest dog fortune cookies at very low prices:
  • 100 cookies   - $57  (=57¢ each) plus $22 S&H
  • 500 cookies   - $149  (<30¢ each) plus $50 S&H
  • 1000 cookies - $209 (<21 ¢ each) plus $90 S&H
You may learn more about our selections by viewing the dropdown menu on the right or our Package Deal and Custom Dog Fortune Cookies by clicking the buttons above. For ordering 1,000 + cookies, please call or e-mail to enjoy our wholesale pricing.

Please allow 10 business days to process your order. By
choosing our "priority" process in the shopping cart, you
can get your cookies in 7 business days. If you need the
order sooner, please call 408-542-9186.

Choice of Your Order Size (50 to 1,000)
Dog and Fortune Cookie
All Cookies are individually wrapped to stay fresh for months.
You should unwrap each cookie before giving it to your dog.
Our Dog Fortune Cookies make excellent gifts for pet owners.
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